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Professional Staff Consisting of a Dietician, Exercise Physiologist,
Medical Assistant, Behavioral Coach and More

  • Motivation, accountability and education
  • Personalized programs and plans
  • No prepackaged foods
  • Change your life and get started today

What to Expect

  1. Contact Metabolic Weight Loss Solutions to schedule your free consultation.
  2. Complete brief profile and receive a free metabolic assessment. The metabolic assessment is a detailed and accurate measurement of your body fat vs. lean muscle.  This helps to determine health risks and weight related health problems.
  3. Receive your complete metabolic profile and nutrition plan.
  4. Accountability-meet with MWLS professionals on a weekly basis to review and evaluate your weight loss progress.
  5. Lose up to 20 pounds per month. Clients typically lose 2-5 pounds of fat a week.
  6. Receive ongoing education: Exercise, Nutrition, and Behavior Modification.
  7. Analysis:  All MWLS clients receive body composition analysis, measurements, and blood pressure checks throughout the weight loss phase of our program to ensure successful fat loss.
  8. Lifestyle, Restaurant Dining and Meal Planning:  MWLS provides clear guidance to successfully reach your goal and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  MWLS weight loss professionals will educate you and help you develop healthy habits for life.
  9. Behavior Coaching and Guidance:  Identify food triggers and unhealthy behaviors.
  10. Transition Phase:  Learn to increase calories while maintaining your goal weight.

Free Maintenance Phase: You have reached your goal weight and this is your last weight loss program.  MWLS will design a maintenance program designed around the following components: accountability, support, flexibility, and your lifestyle.  Certain restrictions apply.


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