Vitamins & Nutraceuticals

App-Ex is an appetite supplement, known to be healthy enough for anyone to use except for lactose intolerant individuals. It is an appetite suppressant that helps prevent muscle breakdown during dieting as well as the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles. It also helps to prevent sugar cravings, and controls regular blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Its main function is to increase weight loss during rest/sleep. App-Ex promotes the conversion of fat into energy.
$60 for 60 caps.


The MWLS B100 Complex is a formulated blend of nutraceutical grade B Vitamins. B Vitamins are known to act as a natural diuretic, increase energy and help with depression. B Vitamins help prevent fatigue, improve digestion and prevent stress. They also help people treat infections, improve vision, reduce cholesterol and help with brain function. B Vitamins are beneficial for people who consume a large amount of caffeine and alcohol, and give people needed energy. Vegetarians must use B supplements on a day-to-day basis.
$20 for 50 tablets.


Coenzyme Q10 has been known to: increase cardiac output, decrease the side effects of several statin medications/prescription drugs, acts as a powerful antioxidant to prevent the cellular damage caused by free radicals, increase energy, help reduce the signs of aging,  increase exercise performance, and help prevent migraine headaches. CoQ10 is also necessary for respiration.
$35 for 60 softgels.


Colon Complex is a week long body cleansing and detoxifying system. It helps to regulate and decrease constipation, and acts as a diuretic. The product has also been known to act as a natural antibiotic, body cleansing system and antiparasitic.
$40 for 90 caps.




Essential fatty acid.  Increases metabolic rate. Has been known to help decrease chances of heart disease.  It also helps lubricate the colon to help prevent constipation. Helps aid with inflammatory bowel disease and arthritis. Also has been studied to help prevent some cancers. Has been known to improve eyesight and increase nail strength and improve liver function. Has been known to decrease fat and salt cravings.  Helps increase fat loss. Helps improve mental clarity. Great for people on weight loss programs and people with chronic constipation.
$35 for 250 caps.


The MWLS Nutrient Complex is a multi-vitamin/mineral complex designed for our weight loss program. Incorporating the MWLS Nutrient Complex in a daily regimen has been known to increase energy, and boost the immune system and feeling of well-being. The Nutrient Complex is designed to supply the body with needed and essential micro nutrient-vitamins and minerals that are hard to get through everyday eating. Helps prevent some cravings and depression.
$15 for 30 tablets.


MWLS Complex has been known to increase inch loss while cleansing and purifying the body. MWLS acts as a natural diuretic, increases energy, decreases appetite, regulates the thyroid and breaks down/emulsifies fat in the body. A great addition to any weight loss program.
$60 for 180 caps.




A powerful Enhancer that provides all-day energy and appetite support. Super Fat Burner is known to increase metabolism, aid in weight loss, and increase inch loss. Has also been known to cleanse the body, act as a diuretic and increase cardiac output. Helps encourage natural bowel movements.

$105 for 180 caps.



Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D together along with exercise have been known to help with osteoporosis, increase bone density and increase strength of teeth. It has also been known to help with blood pressure regulation and clotting. Also has been known to decrease muscle cramping and heart disease. Recommended for all women, night shift (workers), and people who smoke and take antidepressants.
$15 for 100 tablets.


ThermaSlim is a powerful Enhancer. It has been known to increase metabolism, cleanse the body, and aid in inch loss. Helps prevent urinary tract infections. Eliminates cramping and gas. Antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Helps improve circulation. Helps people with IBS. It has many Enhancer qualities and a must have for any weight loss program.
$60 for 60 tablets.




MWLS strongest Appetite Suppressant and Enhancer. Helps decrease cravings and anxiety levels. Helps improve libido, memory, energy and sleep. Has shown to decrease belly fat and breakdown fat cells. Helps improve the appearance of cellulite and regulate the thyroid function.
$75 for 90 caps.