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“At Home” Programs  

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Metabolic Weight Loss knows that there is more to losing weight than just a diet.  MWLS provides expert coaches to help keep you motivated, hold accountable, and to get you the results you always wanted.   Our coaches guide you through your weight loss in all the phases with over the top motivation.


Scale-with-Help         1 Month Diet Plan with Support

You will receive a designated coach to help you for 1 month in which you will communicate (email, text, phone) on at least a weekly basis. You will get a personalized diet plan based on your needs. We will collaborate and set up attainable goals. We will track your weight loss to identify any barriers or plateaus.  You will receive exercise recommendations get you more active.

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1 Month only Program                                                                            Month to Month program

Only $19.99 for one Month                                                                                Only $14.99 per month

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 Basics at home 6 month weight loss program

This package gives you a calorie-based menu and guidelines to follow.  It also includes various educational materials.  Also includes our Nutrient Complex Multivitamin and Flaxseed Oil to ensure adequate nutrients are being consumed.  An MWLS consultant will email you weekly to keep you motivated.

Includes a 6 month supply of: ~Diet Plan ~Nutrient Complex~Flaxseed Oil~Educational Materials-Personal Support for 6 months


images Premium At Home Program 4 Week Weight Loss Program    

This kit will give you the basics for 4 weeks of your weight loss program.You will speak privately with a MWLS professional for your initial consultation and on a weekly basis for

follow up to review and monitor your success.  Your MWLS professional will help with meal planning, activities, and help you learn new strategies to overcome obstacles or challenges throughout your journey.The MWLS At Home Program is an all-inclusive at home program. This program offers an easy user friendly program providing guidance, one-on-one personal support, coaching, and motivation.

INCLUDES: ~Menus ~Instructions ~12 boxes of Protein Drinks (DRS) 

~1 box of Meal Replacement Bars  ~Nutrient Complex  ~Flaxseed Oil~1 month of Support


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PLATINUM At Home Program 4 Week Weight Loss Program LOSE up to 20#’s

This kit includes EVERYTHING you will need to lose weight at home.You will speak privately with your MWLS coach.  You will have a designated coach working with you throughout the entire weight loss phase. A MWLS coach will call/email you for your initial consultation and on a weekly basis for follow up to review and monitor your success.  This kit provides enough supplies for the first 4 weeks of your weight loss program. One-on-one support plays a major role in our client’s success.

 INCLUDES: ~Menu Plans ~Instructions ~12 boxes of DRS ~2 boxes of Meal Replacement Bars ~Flaxseed Oil ~Nutrient Complex ~Appex ~MWLS Complex~Various Modules (Exercise, Stretching, Behavior Mod)  ~E-cook book  ~Wellness Journal –       


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