Why Choose Our Weight Loss Programs

 MWLS is a four phase weight loss program designed to help our clients achieve a healthier lifestyle. During the Weight Loss Phase of the MWLS program our clients are provided with the necessary skill set and tools to successfully keep the weight off. During the whole process MWLS clients learn about balance and nutrition.The Four Phase Weight Loss Program is designed to teach our clients to LOSE, LEARN and most important LIVE.

Our physician approved program consists of:

  • 2x a week one-on-one weigh-ins for accountability
  • Fast and safe weight loss diet plans (lose 2-5 lbs. per week)
  • Full body compositions monthly
  • Biweekly body measurements to aid in motivation
  • Exercise Prescriptions such as the 10,000 step program
  • Nutritional Courses such as “How to read a food label”
  • FREE Behavioral Modification Courses such as “Emotional hunger vs. Physical Hunger”
  • A team of motivational upbeat specialist
  • Eat real foods and learn how to eat out in restaurants

Physician Progress Reports

  • Monthly promotions
  • Free Lifetime Weight Management Program. Certain restrictions apply
  • Partner and Family discounts.