True Written Testimonials

What did you like best about the Metabolic Weight Loss Solutions Program?

     “It is such a comprehensive, well rounded program that provides you with the support and tools for successful weight loss”.-Erica K

     “Quickly started to see the results so I was very excited during my twice a week weigh-ins”.-David G.

     “It was easy to follow, plenty of real food, great choices”.-Debra W.

     “The personalized nature of the whole program”. -Lindsey B.

     “All of it-the way you could choose what to eat, the classes they offered and the staff”. Lesley F.

    “The ease of the program and the fact it works”.-Christine J.

    “The fact that I could still eat and not feel hungry”. Brian H.

    “The professional coaching and accountability”. Bill B.

    “The ease of obtaining the goal: organized, consistent, safe, simple, and staying ‘full’ and consistent energy throughout the day”.-Shawn S.

    What have you learned while being on the MWLS program?

“A whole new relationship with food”.-Erica K.

“That weight loss is attainable, eating the right amount and kinds of food makes such a difference”. Julie G.

“Healthy choices, healthy portions and I actually have to eat. Don’t skip meals!” -Debra W.

“Properly coin together the foods to optimize your blood sugars”. Lindsey B.

“Eat to live and not live to eat”. Lynette K.

“That I can be satisfied & overcome mental cravings while making healthy choices in my diet”. -Shawn S.

“Eating healthy actually tastes good”. Deann

“I have the power to make good choices”. Denise M.

“That I consider this program a new way of life, not a diet that is temporary”. Candace R.

Please give details about your experience with MWLS?

“I was very skeptical and afraid during the free consultation-however Liz was very patient and answered all my questions.  She never pressured me into anything.  When I finally made the decision to join MWLS little did I know it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life.  It is so much more than weight loss. It is discovering that you do not have to hide behind your weight anymore! It is about reclaiming your life back again. I am amazed everyday by MWLS’s ability to constantly provide encouragement and praise everyday.”-Erica k.

“I have been holding onto these 15 pounds for over 10 years.  It is such a boost in my self-confidence to know that I can control my weight and feel & look so much better.  I feel like MWLS gave me the tools and power to maintain my weight loss.  This is by far one of the best things I have done for MYSELF in my lifetime, thank-you!”-Julie G.

“MWLS has given me the tools and support I needed to achieve my goal weight.  I feel great, I look great and I have tons of energy and my confidence level is back.  My husband thinks I look like I did when he first met me-30 years ago.”

“My husband now calls me his hot wife”. Maria H

“By following the instructions they “chart a path” to get you to your goal weight with limited detours you can find your final destination wit almost minimal effort”. Frank E.

“I feel so much better, I look so much better, I have been able to come off my blood pressure and cholesterol medications.” Lesley F.

“I was very skeptical when coming to MWLS but I saw results that I didn’t believe would happen.  I never had success at losing the 15-20 lbs I felt I needed to lose.  I also had very high triglycerides.  After losing 10 lbs. my triglycerides went from 329 to 83!